Welcome Gianna

She’s Italian, Australian, a director, a filmmaker, and most importantly… Today we’d like to introduce our newest addition to the Foolish Family! After finishing her internship with us, Gianna is here to stay. Based between Melbourne and Amsterdam, she writes and directs within the genres of drama and black comedy. Her honesty lets her accurately tell stories about the environment, her culture, sexuality, and the female experience.

And she isn’t only honest when making films. To get to know her a little bit better, we asked her some questions that she provided with some real answers. One of them being: What does she watch when no one’s watching? (Answer? She binge-watches reality TV. It’s her secret dream to direct a really lowbrow reality show like Below Deck, but we’ve promised to tell nobody, so shh!)

But how did Gianna land in film? Well, she almost didnt. “Interestingly enough I was discouraged from studying film at University by my teachers and my parents. Film was a “cute hobby” to them. So I almost went ahead with studying a Bachelor of Mathematics. But at the very last minute, my sister had a big chat with me and encouraged me to follow my passion! I then went on to study a Bachelor of Media & Communications with a Cinema Studies Major.” After working for a digital content agency, Gianna became a freelance director. “I really love this type of work because I get to choose which brands I work with and ensure that there’s always a message I care about.”

Click here to stalk Gianna’s work.